Monday, February 12, 2007

On change

You Can Change Your Life, But It Won't Be Easy

You really, truly want to change. You're just not sure that you can do it.
You need a solid plan, supportive friends, and a strong will.
Think about times you've made hard changes, and what you did to get through them.
A change is in your future - you just need a little help getting started.

What kind of help would I need? How could I get some help?


eastcoastlife said...

You sure do need a change. I can help! hehheh....

Goldilocks said...

count me in under "supportive friend" =)

crazycat said...

i got same with you. so i need support as well.. :(

Simple American said...

Depends on the change you choose to make. Kind of broad statement, just change ya know.

Leave a hug to charge you up and get you thinking about where to change. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Thank you for your generous offer, and kind thoughts.

JY: Thank you very much. Happy Valentine's Day, thank you very much for your friendship.

Crazycat: I could lend a ear, if that helps.

SA: *receive the hug*. Thanks a lot.