Saturday, February 24, 2007

Travel Horoscope

It seems quite an expensive affair to travel. I may prefer to save afterall. While I don't need total luxury, comfort and clean food are things I would want to have when I travel.

Travel Horoscope for Taurus

When you travel, you demand the best. You desire total luxury.
You want a vacation full of pampering, delicious food, and the ultimate in comfort..

You should travel:

To any Four Seasons hotel
Via a luxury cruise
To world class cities like Paris and London
To any five star spa or resort
Via a private jet

1 comment:

may said...

I'm a Taurus too, so that applies to me! though luxury is always great, I'd just go with the bare-minimum-yet-comfortable range, if I have to pay for it myself. there are other great things to spend on than just a 4-poster bed, yea? *wink*