Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Canyon colour

You Are a Green Crayon

Your world is colored in harmonious, peaceful, natural colors.

While some may associate green with money, you are one of the least materialistic people around.

Comfort is important to you. You like to feel as relaxed as possible - and you try to make others feel at ease.

You're very happy with who you are, and it certainly shows!

Your color wheel opposite is red. Every time you feel grounded, a red person does their best to shake you.


Steve said...

WOW! I am so new and yet, i got the 1st comment!! Lucky me! Thanks for your welcome PY!! I will do my best to contribute whatever i can, to this world!! I mean blog world!!

Steve said...

and I didnt know green is so sophisticated! a 4-leaf green clover to you!! All the best!!!

pinkie said...

I shall do this test and see if I'm red! hehe...