Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fight or Flight?

I have been feeling rather tired for most of this week. Hopefully I could muster more energy to deal with the work responsibilities at hand.

If I were to look at all the work that are waiting to be done, it would trigger a sense of stress in me. It helped relieve the feelings of stress when I divide the work into manageable parts, and prioritising those that are important and those that needs immediate attention. It may help if I could learn that "not everything may be as freaky as it seems".

Is learning to deal with stress an important skill in modern-day living?

Meantime, I am in the process of reflecting what are the contributors of the feelings of stress? They don't seem to be the kind of positive stress that energise me. Could there have been a misfit between my job and strengths, or is it that there are simply too much workload than what a normal person could bear?

Your Response is: Flight

You rather leave then deal with a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

You can't deal with too much drama or stress. It's really hard for you to cope.

You are easily scared, freaked out, or intimidated.

And while it's good to be prudent, not everything may be as freaky as it seems!


eastcoastlife said...

Must learn to manage stress or it will devour you.

You should go for the Legal Legacies Exhibition, I enjoyed it very much. We can have tea any time you're free. I can organise my time. :)

mistipurple said...

the test says i'm a worm.
okay, not in those exact words, but that's how i read it.
too lazy to budge, lol.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: I will keep your suggestion in mind.

Misti: Well, you need not take the test results seriously.