Sunday, November 30, 2008

The country test

Admittedly, I need structure in my life. The test results seem to coincide with what some friends have been telling me, i.e. I strike them as being "formal and polite", and "serious" too. I like structure too. Maybe I could start learning German soon?

Actually, I already have a mini German-English phrase-book to start me off. I had previously thought of learning German so that I could visit German-speaking European countries with greater ease. The thing is when do I feel ready to start learning German?

You Are Germany

You are a formal, polite person... even with those you know well.

You are quite serious. You are responsible and good at following rules.

You enjoy organization and planning. Structure helps you thrive, and you don't like surprises.

You take pride in your personal appearance. You keep your clothes and home tidy.

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