Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going with the flow

30 Nov 2008 (last revised: 1 Dec 2008, 00:19)

The night before, I met up with MY to attend a concert together. After a concert, we had an interesting conversation over fruit juices, and I was sharing with her one of the ways that I try to recharge was to plan unscheduled time. Then upon her asking, I shared with her briefly how this would be helpful for people with similar MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicate) preferences like myself.

For much of today, I had planned for unscheduled time. Except the fact that I would take at least 15 minutes in the morning to practise (I realised I spent close to an hour practising) on the double bass, for the rest of the day, I shall go with the flow and follow my instincts.

It was strange. While I had a lot that I could still practise, and I was way early to set off home for my lunch-date with my friends, JY and SH, I had an urge to go to a nearby bookstore near the lunch venue to get myself a copy of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. A good friend of mine had recommended this book to me a few days ago and there was a compelling force to get the book and to read it soon.

The MPH bookstores nearby City Hall MRT station ran out of stock of this book. So I went with the flow and ended up walking to where the lunch venue was, and got my copy of the book with delight. That left me way too early for the lunch-date that I had the pleasure to sample the mashed potato from Secret Recipe and I must say I was pleasantly pleased with the service there and the lovely presentation of its mashed potato.

The next strange thing for the day was that when I later got the news that JY and SH would both be arriving later for the lunch-date, I did not feel any sense of irritation nor disappointment even though things did not go as planned. What a lovely thing it is to simply go with the flow. There was a sense of acceptance that things do happen for a reason, whether or not I would be wise enough to know the reason. It turned out that I could have time for myself, which I am greatly thankful for, to read The Alchemist.

Over lunch, SH spoke about an issue that has been on her mind for the past week. I surprised myself to find myself pretty directive in giving my analysis on the matter. Partly due to my training in social work, I would usually first articulate empathy for the person whom I speak with. However, there was just a voice that was telling me how I should sharing the analysis with her, even if it should be straight in the face. That inner voice was powerful, and came with a degree of certainty. Anyway, I wonder whether the analysis would eventually be of real use to her, but I hope it would pave the way for SH to find the answers that are closer to her heart.

I left the lunch two-and-a-half-hours after the proposed starting time. I was simply following a hunch that it was time to leave. A good friend of mine would be flying to overseas in the evening. I had wanted to see her off to offer her my blessings in person. She asked that I do not, so I respected her decision. I resisted the thought to call her too, for somehow, it felt against the flow of things to do that.

The next thing on the mind was to read The Alchemist. I have a lot of books at home, and from the number of books that are still waiting to be read, I realised that I would need a conducive place to read! Trust the flow of life to tell me that the best place to go for a conducive read was the Changi Airport. That was where I could also get my craving of Popeye's buttermilk biscuits fixed. The biscuit from Popeyes Chicken & Biscuit is one food that I would at times crave for so much that I would travel all the way from home to the airport just to eat one biscuit. Alright, when I got to eat the buttermilk biscuit in the evening, I got myself two and was enjoying both of them. Lovely.

Wind time back a little. I had initially wanted to take a bus to the airport, but decided that I wanted to have more time to read the book, so I chose to take a cab to steal time. I was trying not to consciously meet up with the good friend of mine who will be at the airport for the flight so I asked the taxi to stop me at the arrival hall of my favourite airport terminal. It turned out that taxis are not to stop at the arrival hall, but it could stop at the departure hall. What could I do but to go with the flow and trust my hunch that I would be brought to the right place and the right time. My goodness, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend after I alighted from the taxi and walked into the departure hall. It was something beyond my imagination for I did not plan for that to happen, though I did wish to send her my blessings in person deep in my heart. Since I have decided to respect her wishes not to see her off, I gave her a smile and said "hi" and left. Hopefully my positive blessings could get to her even though it was a meeting by sheer accident.

Later, when I continued to go with the flow, I marvelled at how beautifully things can unfold when one simply move along with the flow of life. Some days ago, I was reading about the topic of being open to life's gifts on one of my favourite blogs, and it has been a day of adventure for me to simply go with the flow and see what materialises.

The airport proved to be one of the conducive places that I could read in. I cannot recall how many times I have read chapters from books simply by being in the large, open and relatively quieter spaces of the airport. I am pleased that in less than 10 hours, I had read half of The Alchemist. This is an accomplishment for yours truly for I have often need more time to read a fiction book than a non-fiction book. Perhaps that is because I have often find that I needed more time to ponder and reflect over the embedded meanings behind a fiction book. That was the best way to do justice to a well-written fiction book. Cheer for me please, that I have read half of The Alchemist. I have found it an insight read and I too recommend that you could please read it.

While I was at the airport reading the book, somehow my mind needed a rest to reflect on the insights discussed in The Alchemist. Also, I needed the toilet to relieve the bladder. My feet carried me to the nearest toilet that I could see, and it was next to the Departure Point. And I saw my friend. It was an awkward meeting by chance. I needed the toilet, yet it was hard to resist catching my friend's attention so I walked up to her, bid her farewell before rushing to the nearby toilet. For once, it felt scary how coincident things can go when one go with the flow. I hope my friend managed to get over any unintended freak-out that she might have had over that chanced meet-up at the Departure Point. I reflected, and it probably felt scary because the force of life, when one goes with the flow, can be very powerfully. I have no full idea of her responses to the chanced-meeting. I can only ask for the courage and wisdom to face whatever consequences and risks that going with the flow and living life fully may bring to me.

Whatever it is, I wish this good friend of mine the necessary qualities to realise the dreams that she has, with integrity. Best wishes.

I have one of my friends, Mystic, to thank for having reminded me about "Going with the flow" every now and then. In addition, many of the books that I have read in my life, for example Barry Green's The Inner Game of Music, Zander & Zander's The Art of Possibility, the short workshop that I had on Alexander Technique etc, and even The Alchemist that I had just started reading today, seem to suggest concepts related to going with the flow, and listening to the intuitive mind.

I am amazed by the power of simply going with the flow of life. It is with hope and excitement that I write this long blog post. It is like there's a positive force of enthuasiasm sparkling in me. When this same energy sparkles off in me again in the future, I hope that by writing this post, I will be able to remind myself to go with the flow of life, and to see how life would unfold with amazing grace.

May this post be a reminder to all readers, including myself, that since going with the flow of life can align oneself with powerful forces, please use it positively, with positive intentions and compassion. Maybe that way, the world would soon be a slightly better place each day.

Wishing you and the world good vibes and peace.


goldilocks said...

you've had a good day.

mistipurple said...

i shall consciously remember to go with the flow and see what it yields.
nowadays i 'let things be'.
i wish you more great spontaneous days.