Saturday, November 29, 2008

Many things in life to be grateful for

28 Nov 2008.

This is a post to wish all my readers happiness and lots of things in their life to be grateful for. I decided to choose 28 Nov 2008 as a day to write about. Perhaps when we examine each day closely, we will find that there are many simple things in life to be grateful for. Wishing you a day of simple bliss and good luck.

28 Nov 2008, Fri:

- I took a day of leave from work. I'm still feeling grateful for having annual leave so that I can take some time to practise on the double bass. Playing on the double bass has often energised me from within. I got to sight-read one of Vivaldi's sonatas.

- I had the privilege to meet up with one of my good friends who is here in Singapore for a very short stay.

- Many heartfelt words of thanks to another good friend of mine, J, for giving very helpful directions when I called her on the phone to consult her on a matter. Some questions may seem minor to the giver, yet they are very significant to the receiving end. I managed to get the task at hand done at the shortest possible time I could imagine, thanks to J. Sometimes, I don't know how to thank J enough, and I think I may have to thank her to paying her kindness forward. Thank you J.

- The taxi-drivers that I met for the day were friendly and helpful. They were so kind to bear with my analytical comments that I had made while I was on their vehicle with one of my good friends. The best part was that they drove me and my friend to our destinations promptly and safely.

- My words of thanks to the customer service personnel who manages the taxi-booking hotline of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited. I must have called at least four times yesterday trying to figure out where the nearest possible pick-up location was so as to book and to board a taxi from city area on a busy Friday night. They have been extremely patient with me and managed to assure me that they would get me a taxi as fast as possible. I was also pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to wait longer than one minute to speak to the customer service personnel on the phone even though it was a busy Friday night. Thank goodness for good luck.

- If anyone were to visit the Information Counter at Bugis Junction, please give the lovely ladies at the counter a heartwarming smile so as to thank them on my behalf. Dedication and helpful service came from one particularly lady who took time to check for information so that she can answer my enquiry with full confidence.

- I have been aware that the civil service in Singapore is one of the most efficient ones in the world. This day, I experienced it so deeply first-hand, with my friend, the efficiency of the civil service. Heartfelt thanks to the dedicated, thoughtful and efficient staff for their excellent service. The officers/ staff whom I have met for the day were very dedicated and helpful. They went beyond the call of their duty, stayed past their official working hours, to help my friend process her applications, one after another. May these folks be amply recognised and rewarded with fulfillment, good health and happiness.

- Many thanks to the counter staff members at one of the Singpost outlets. They had been very nice and patient in serving me and friend when we needed to send two parcels overseas. They even lent their help when we needed some advice and help to pack the items properly into the parcels.

- Thank goodness to the simple, unexpected pleasures that life would have install for everyone, even on a hectic day. These simple sightings allowed us to take time to enjoy the simple beauty that life has to offer.

One of the works from the Christmast Tree of Life Project 2008.

While rushing to travel from one place to another, my friend and I saw a lovely mini-Christmas tree at Bugis Junction. Later the night, we even had the pleasure to come across The Christmas Tree of Life Project 2008, organised by The Christian Outreach to the Handicapped. Even though the time we spent there was very short, I was impressed by the conceptualisation behind this entire project.

The overall purpose of this project is to encourage people in our society not to write off seemingly “useless things” such as used plastic bottles and People with Disabilities. I was impressed by the beautiful lamps that were made out of recycled bottles and items. I heard that for this project, people with intellectual disabilities have been empowered to teach and to inspire more than 2000 mainstream students from 18 schools to do their part in conserving the environment. Do give your support to this project by visiting Tanglin Mall, Singapore. From 14 Nov 0 31 Dec 2008, 6.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. every evening. For more details, please visit:

Last but not the least, maybe I may have overlooked, I am sure that they are many other things to be grateful for in our everyday life.

Wishing you bliss and good luck.

~~~Photo credit: The first photo in this post was taken near Tanglin Mall. It's one of the works of the Christmas Tree of Life Project 2008.


EastCoastLife said...

This is a post filled with positive thoughts. It makes me want to count my blessings. :)

oceanskies79 said...

EastCoastLIfe: Thank you. You are most welcome to count your blessings. :)