Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 6

The search for the best mashed potato in Singapore brought me to check out the Western Food stall at Marina Square Food Court. It is not the mashed potato I am concerned with. It is the blessing that each and every post of this series conveys that is more important.

I tried the mashed potato from Belly's Western Food on 3 Nov 2008. I ordered it with the almond breaded chicken (if I remember correctly) . The mashed potato has a soft and fine texture. The brown sauce has a refined, and very mild peppery taste. I quite like the brown sauce because of it was plainly nice for my tastebuds.

I quite like this mashed potato because while it has a plain flavour, and hence was not too salty nor sweet, its texture is pleasantly fine. On its own, the mashed potato would cost $2.

Belly's Western Food
Address: Marina Sq. Food Court Level 4, Stall #03.
Tel: 6368786.

Update 13 Dec 2009: This stall no longer operates at Marina Sq. food court.

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