Saturday, December 13, 2008

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 9

For this post in the series, I shall write about Billy Bombers' mashed potato. May it bring some simple pleasure to my friend to whom I dedicated this entire series to.

I sampled this on 1 Dec 2008. I wanted some time away from the restaurant so I asked for a take-away from the Marina Square outlet. Each take-away serving of the mashed potato costs $4.20 (with GST).

For the mashed potato from Billy Bombers, one can find bits of potato skin in it. I like its earthly flavour, and it seems that quality potato was used to make the dish. The mashed potato has a creamy and buttery texture that I quite like.

The sauce felt a little salty on its own, but when it is eaten with a generous serving of the mashed potato, it actually helps to bring out the earthly flavour of the potato. One can find herbs in the sauce, and the herbs gave the sauce an aromatic fragrance. To be fair, there was just the right amount of sauce in this dish, and that helped to enhance the flavour of the mashed potato. If there had been too much sauce, the dish would have been too salty. My main complaint for this mashed potato was that the size of the serving is too big for one person.

Where to find Billy Bombers Restaurants in Singapore?

Billy Bombers - Bugis Junction
200 Victoria St.
#02-52 Parco Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6337 8018
Fax: 6336 5480

Billy Bombers - Marina Square
(with alfresco dining)
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-176 Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6338 4797
Fax: 6338 9769

Billy Bombers - Heeren
260 Orchard Road
#05-02 The Heeren Shops
Singapore 238855
Tel: 6732 2249
Fax: 6795 7691

Billy Bombers - The Cathay
2 Handy Road
#01-11/12 The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Billy Bombers - Clarke Quay
(with alfresco dining)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-78 The Central @ Clarke Quay
Singapore 059817

Billy Bombers - Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
#02-24 Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648886
Tel: 6795 7690 Fax: 6795 7691

Billy Bombers - Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5
#05-14 Century Square
Singapore 529509
Tel: 6787 0010 Fax: 6787 0050


Billy Bombers website:


Doreen said...

Too big? May be it would be better to be shared among two persons.

EastCoastLife said...

I have not tried the dishes at Billy Bombers. I can start with its mashed potato. S$4.20 leh, too big? It's costly. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Yes, it's better to share among two persons.

Eastcoastlife: Yeah, it is rather costly to pay $4.20 (including GST) for mashed potato, but the serving is good enough for two small eaters, so the costs can be shared. Anyway, I would pay for it even if it is $4.20 so as to see if it is worthy to be one of the best mashed potato in Singapore. My hunt continues.

mistipurple said...

i hope you won't get sick of mashed potato, in the search of finding for the best, lol!

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: I willingly take the risks involved in this hunt for the best mashed potato. :)