Saturday, December 27, 2008

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 12

7 Dec 2008: I was running out of ideas of where to find good mashed potato in Singapore. So I walked about from Asian Civilisation Museum, to Stamford Road, to Middle Road, and towards Bugis, walking aimlessly looking for a food outlet that serves mashed potato.

The first food outlet that I came across during the aimless search (excluding all those outlets whose mashed potato I had already tried) that serves mashed potato was "Saucisse Cafe".

It was located at 159 Rochor Road, Singapore 188426. Tel: 63365407.

This place does not serve mashed potato on its own. Mashed potato was served with main dishes. I ordered the (Half) Roasted Chicken. It's served with seasonal vegetables and roasted potato. Thanks to the staff who gave very good service, I was offered the choice to change one of the sides to mashed potato. The Roasted Chicken costs $9 each (excluding GST).

The mashed potato has a buttery and creamy texture. If eaten on its own, I would find it a little too salty for me. However, the sauce which contained herbs saved the mashed potato. I later learnt that the sauce was meant to go with the Roasted Chicken. Just add a tinge of the sauce, and it greatly enhanced the flavour of the mashed potato, and in fact, its pleasing herb-fragrance covered the salty aftertaste that the mashed potato had. I was amazed at the wonders that a good sauce could do to enhance the flavour of an otherwise average mashed potato.

Having said all, I may not want to go back to this place for mashed potato. Afterall, it does not serve mashed potato on its own. Then again, the nice waitress did offer to help me check if the chef could prepare mashed potato just to meet my request. This is what I call attentive service.

On the side, "Saucisse Cafe" appears to sell German-inspired food.

If you have followed through this series of posts, you would have realised that the key objective of this series of posts is not in the review of mashed potato in Singapore. The key objective is to send goodwill to a friend of mine with each and every post. I care.

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