Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 10

My hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore continues. I wish the friend whom I dedicate this series of posts to, good health and wisdom. May all the good things in life soon find their way to her.

I am very biased. I would say that one of the best mashed potato in Singapore is the one that is made by my maternal grandmother. The ingredients used are potato, salt (minimal), a bit of evaporated milk, butter (or margarine).

Here's snapshot of the making of the mashed potato.

This mashed potato is made with love and care. The very fact that my grandmother only add very minimal salt to it so as to cater to my preferences for less salt, makes this mashed potato the best in Singapore. I love the texture of the mashed potato made by her, maybe because it was a texture of mashed potato that I have been familiar with ever since I was a child.

My grandmother started making mashed potato for me and my siblings to eat, from time to time, starting from the time we were young, and old enough to eat solid food. It brings me positive and good old memories to eat the mashed potato made by my grandmother. It is so good that I can finish it even though the serving is big enough for two persons. I suppose any food that is made with love and care will taste fabulous?

I felt privileged that my grandmother made mashed potato for me when I requested for it. Hopefully I can find the chance to learn from her how to make nice mashed potato.

Thank you grandmother for the delightful lunch and the comforting and delicious mashed potato. All these were expressions of her love.

This is the lunch that my maternal grandmother cooked.
One of the dishes was the mashed potato.


mistipurple said...

so we have finally found the best mashed potato in town; at your grandma's. *wink*

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Yes. It is a biased review.

Doreen said...

Homecook food is always the best! I'm sure you've learnt the skills from your granny on making the yummy mashed potato?

oceanskies79 said...

Vera, I am very sorry that I had deleted your comment by accident. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a girlfriend in you.

The reason why my grandmother's mashed potato tastes so delicious is because she cooks them for her loved ones with love. That is her secret. And I am certain that you will make equally delicious mashed potato if you cook it on your own. Best wishes.