Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back: The year of 2008

It is the end of year 2008. I looked through my blog posts for the year 2008, and it was heartwarming to realise that I have grown and developed in positive ways. This year of 2008 has been in many ways a meaningful year for me in terms of my personal development.

Year 2008 has its ups and downs. I am thankful that I have managed most of the down moments, and have emerged at least slightly more matured, and at least realised that I am actually slightly stronger than I had thought.

I have learnt that when obstacles come in the way, there are actually tests that help me see how much I want to achieve my goals. The goals that would require me to overcome the obstacles in order to be achieved. I have gained a deeper level of self-awareness, of my strengths, my weaknesses and about the things that would excite me.

In terms of exploring the world, literally, the year 2008 was a special one for I went travelling overseas once again on my own. I visited Sydney and Melbourne this September. The last time when I was travelling overseas on my own was in the year 2005 when I visited London. For me, it has always been a liberating and yet a humbling experience travelling overseas on my own. Here, I thank my friends whom I have met on this journey to Australia for lending me their treasured and much appreciated friendship and company. Thank you RL, XS, HQ and SG. I have had very precious memories of my short visit to Sydney and Melbourne.

I thank a cherished friend of mine, XS, for sharing her insightful ideas on happiness being a conscious choice. This idea on its own has helped me greatly. After I have started putting those ideas into practice, I have found that even though I still meet as many challenges, if not more, in my life right now, the challenges do not look as daunting as they used to be. I could learn to experience joy and happiness simply because I make it a choice to. Life feels more meaningful and fulfilling simply because of a shift of mindset and outlook. Thanks XS. I wish that she herself is already experiencing the good outcomes from the ideas that she has shared with me.

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Where it came to my study and practice of the double bass, I am starting to realise that what may seem a setback and a halt may be a blessing in disguise. Many thanks to my dear friend, Mystic, for lending me her encouragement, listening ears and support, especially when she first heard the news that I had failed my last double bass exams in Nov 2007. With a lot of deliberation, I had decided on using the year 2008 to work on strengthening my foundation in playing the double bass instead of retaking the exams. Admittedly, there were several times when I felt very frustrated being slowed down. I am thankful that the Life's events this year somehow helped me see many of the setbacks and the halts that had happened in my life could be blessings in disguise. I am pleased to share that my rendition of many of the exams-repertoire has improved at least to some extent.

I looked back and am deeply grateful that the year 2008 was a year when I had the honour to strengthen my friendship with a number of wonderful people. I thank them for the care and concern that they have showered on me. Particularly during the down moments of the year and during the times when my health took a plunge, their care gave me the support that I badly needed.

Delightfully, and this was quite out of my expectations, I have found my interests in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and personality type reignited in the year 2008. First, there was a situation at work that calls for me to use concepts related to personality type to analyse the situation. Next, I could not fully figure out why I could end up talking quite a bit about MBTI and personality type when I met up with dear RL in Sydney. Whatever it is, there is joy in re-experiencing the enthusiasm and excitement that I had felt in year 2003/2004 when I first read the book, Gifts Differing. I thank RL for her interest and patience in listening to me share about personality type. The entire experience has been a meaningful one for me.

Where it came to blogging about heritage and the museums, the year 2008 has been a fairly rewarding year. Thanks to the help of a number of fellow Friends of, I managed to secure permission to take photographs of the NUS Museum (specifically the Ng Eng Teng Collection) and to use approved photographs to the exhibition titled The Legacy of Tan Kah Kee & Lee Kong Chian. NUS Museum even graciously gave me a personalised tour to the exhibition, Sculpturing Life. The tour greatly enhanced my appreciation of Ng Eng Teng's works. Remembering Ng Eng Teng and Some noteworthy exhibits from the Sculpturing Life exhibition were two posts that I had written this year, inspired by my visit to the NUS Museum. Earlier the year, I even had the privilege to blog about a major art exhibition, i.e. Xu Beihong in Nanyang.

Blogging wise, I have made a simple yet hopefully significant move to write positive things on this blog. May this simple move somehow contribute its part towards spreading positive energy around the world. My wish is that the positive energy would also reach my friend, XS, who has inspired and advised me to write positive things on this blog.

The year of 2008 has been a meaningful year. I am thankful that in this very year, I have made a couple of significant steps forward in terms of my personal growth and development.

With gratitude, I share the joy that I have had in the year 2008 with you. Wishing you a joyful and meaningful year of 2009.


may said...

looks like you had a really full and exciting 2008! hope next year would bring you just as many adventures if not more, and better too!

Happy 2009!

Doreen said...

You certainly had a wonderful 2008. Wishing you a brilliant 2009!

EastCoastLife said...

It has been a good year for me and I'm looking forward to the new year.

You have certainly been a good friend and sister. Love you. *hugs*

May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009!

mistipurple said...

happy new year 2009 PY!
i wish you good health and happiness everyday of 2009. may you continue to grow in wisdom too, and find that best tasting mashed potato soon!! besides grandma's kitchen ie! lol.

oceanskies79 said...

May: You are really fast to be the first person to comment on this post! I suppose it was early morning at 7.39 a.m. at where you are now staying?
Happy 2009! May it bring you good health and joy!

Doreen: Thank you for your wishes. May the year of 2009 bring you delight and joy.

Eastcoastlife: It is lovely to learn that the year 2008 has been a good year for you.

Thank you for being a good friend and for the guidance you have given me along the way. :)

Thanks for your lovely well-wishes. Happy 2009 to you. Wishing you and your loved ones good health, wealthy, joy and lots of good things to be enthusiastic about!

Misti: Thank you Misti. Thanks for your online support and your well-wishes. I wish you good health and happiness too. :)