Monday, December 08, 2008

People to be grateful for. Part 3

This is the third post of the series.

Thank you Dad.

Strangely, is it a common theme that parents selflessly and willingly make sacrifices for their children? Sometimes, I wish that behind all the sacrifices, there is a good balance that is striked between pursuing their dreams and giving themselves selflessly to others. A person who has given up his/her dream thinking that they are sacrificing for others may eventually find themself dead in the heart.

As such, I wish of all of you the kindness to be kind to others, and the courage to live your life fully - the way your inner voices guide you.

Whatever it is, I thank my Dad for the sacrifices that he has made for the family, out of love, even though I cannot fully tell what those were.

I have a lot to thank my Dad especially for the countless times that he took me and my brother out for outings about Singapore. As mentioned in one of my posts, The gifts that my parents gave me, I believe that it was because of these outings that my Dad had made time to take us to, that eventually nurtured my love to travel about and to explore Singapore. This is perhaps one of the greatest gift I could have, because this gift has in some ways develop me to become the person whom I am today: My love for exploring Singapore, my love of heritage, all these probably stemmed from these outings which my Dad, out of his love for us, took the trouble and time to take us to.

In some ways, he has helped to cultivate my proficiency in the Chinese language. He reads Chinese newspapers everyday, and that means I have daily access to Chinese newspapers! Years after I have stopped attending Chinese language classes, I find comfort that I can still read and write fairly proficiently in Chinese, largely because I still read Chinese newspapers daily.

I thank him for his simple gestures of love that show that he cares: taking time to make breakfast for me, being patient to bear with my playing on the double bass even when my mood dictates that I practise during the time when he needs his sleep, making time to see me off at the airport when I was heading to Shenzhen on my own a few years ago, taking time to listen to a few of the concerts that I perform in even though I've kind of figured out that he doesn't actually quite know how to appreciate classical music, and the list could go on and on.

So he does care a lot, even if he may not know how best to. I wish for him that he will find happiness, every moment, from realising that in some ways, he has helped to shape his daughter's love for exploring Singapore, her love for learning about heritage, her proficiency in Chinese language, and her enthuasiasm in pursuing whatever brings her joy even when the rest of the world has yet to fully appreciate the things that she finds beauty in.

And here, I thank, my Dad.


mistipurple said...

a toast to your dad. cheers!
yes, he sounds like a wonderful dad who cares a lot for his children. thank god for great dads and moms around the world.

for those with less than better ones, i think they still do have the best intentions in their hearts but they just bungle up because they're not good at the art of living themselves.

Doreen said...

Hats off to your dad and all the parents out there. They are the greatest treasure we have. Their teaching and influence are what made us today.

EastCoastLife said...

Wow! that's a lovely tribute to your Dad.

Funny thing about Asian Dads is they don't know how to express their feelings of love openly. They put on a stern look.

We have to speculate and only through observations would we know if they love us.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Thank you for the toast.

Doreen: In some ways, parents can be quite an influence. That is something I have to be mindful of if I were to become a parent. I want to be as positive an influence on my children as possible.

eastcoastlife: Thank you for taking time to read this post. :)