Tuesday, December 16, 2008

People to be grateful for. Part 5

The fifth post of the series brings me to thank one of my dear friends, J, for her kindness and friendship.

She is probably the first friend whom I have got to know when I was in Junior College. Life has its interesting ways to present us with lovely friends in our lives.

I was at that time, pretty lost about how to adjust to life in the junior college, and was badly missing some of my friends whom I have made during my Secondary School years. J has a glowing aura of kindness in her. Somehow, her kindness and kind gestures of friendship reminded me that there are new friends to be made, and that life would somehow work out.

She dances well. Till today, it's pretty vivid in my mind and I am still pretty impressed with how she had remember the steps from the Orientation's Mass Dance so well and performed it with zest.

I thank J for being very generous with her time and kindness. She lent me lovely company over breakfast many times which till today still stays quite vividly in my mind. During some of the difficult moments of my life, she generously lent her care and concern. These, I greatly appreciate.

Possibly, I may not be able to thank her enough for helping to play accompaniment on the piano for two of my double bass music examinations. More importantly, I thank her for her encouragement and her great patience with me throughout all our rehearsals.

In addition, I am deeply grateful that in many other ways, she has helped me when I needed a hand.

I treasure my friendship with her.

Last but not the least, I wish her a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and full of care.


Doreen said...

I am sure J is grateful for the friendship too.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: One thing for certain, I am grateful for her friendship.