Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 52 of year 2008 on the double bass

Finally, it is the last full week of the year 2008. I resumed my practices on the double bass after a short break.

21 Dec 2008, Sun: I practised selected passages from the second movement of Keyper's Romance and Rondo very slowly. The goal was to help the fingers familiarise themselves with the passages so that eventually, they could play with accuracy and precision, without much thought.

22 Dec 2008, Mon: I practised Faure's Apres Un Reve and my rendition is improving by a bit. I still need more work on the vibrato technique and the right-hand technique so that the tone would sound warm and more legato where needed.

Afterwhich, I practised selected passages from the first movement of Schumann's First Symphony. The greatest challenge was to practise playing notes that were more than two octaves apart in their intervals, slowly to ensure precision and good intonation. More practice shall make perfect.

25 Dec 2008, Thu: I played two studies from Bottesini's Method for Double Bass Part One in hope to prepare myself for sight-reading tests.

Afterwhich, I practised the first movement from Dragonetti's Concerto in A major. I practised selected passages at a slower tempo so as to work on the intonation and articulation. I am starting to learn that slow and steady do help one to win the race. The tone of my playing on the double bass is improving, at least to some extent. I am loving the double bass.

26 Dec 2008, Fri: Close to 11 p.m., I took some time out to practise Faure's Apres Un Reve. To be considerate, I put on a practising mute on the bridge of my double bass, so that the double bass would not sound as loud as it would usually be. I would still need more work on the vibrato technique and to improve the intonation.

Meantime, one year has almost passed. I have managed to keep up with practising on the double bass four days per week, except for weeks that I had declared taking a break from practising. Cheers.

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