Sunday, February 01, 2009

Week 05 of year 2009 on the double bass

25 Jan 2009, Sun: I set aside time to play through one of the studies from Bottesini's Method for Double Bass Part One. Afterwhich, I spent some time working on Faure's Apres Un Reve. I need to work on improving intonation until I master it well.

26 Jan 2009, Mon: I spent time practising Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. Hopefully I would be ready to play this work during my upcoming double bass lesson.

27 Jan 2009, Tue: I put aside time to try to practise Emily Koh's About E.C.O. I need to train my sense of rhythm. This is the composition by Emily that will be played this March during our orchestra's concert. Please come and support!

NUS Arts Festival 2009: A New Season
~ Emily Koh: About E.C.O.
NUS Symphony Orchestra
Saturday 14th @ 7.30pm
University Cultural Center Hall, Singapore
Ticket Price: Standard - S$18, S$15

(I have a few tickets on hand at a discounted rate. You may approach me if you would like to purchase a discounted ticket.)

29 Jan 2009, Thu: The lesson was spent working on Lennox Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. I needed so much work that within one hour, I had barely worked through even half of this work. I recorded the lesson and reviewed it after the lesson. I realised that it was the soundscape derived from this work that makes Introduction and Allegro interesting and appealing. The more I reviewed my playing that was recorded, the more I realised I yearn for a better sound for this work. More practice.

30 Jan 2009, Fri: I spent time practising excerpts from Schumann's First Symphony. Quite a fair bit of time was spent attempting to memorise a difficult passage from the fourth movement of this symphony.

I will need to find a piano accompanist that I trust and feel comfortable to play with if I would like to retake DipABRSM any time from July to September this year. I keep my fingers crossed that I will find someone suitable soon enough. The registration for DipABRSM for applicants who wish to sit for the exams from July to September this year will start from 9 Feb 2009 to 27 Feb 2009.

I want to improve my musicianship yet I now wonder if I would need the diploma. Wish me luck please.

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