Thursday, March 19, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 25

I have had the pleasure on 8 Mar 2009 to have lunch with Carcar. Many thanks to Carcar for her treat to lunch and her lovely company. We had lunch at BBQ Chicken, and I ordered mashed potato to go with the chicken. Carcar was thoughtful and remembered that I was still searching for the best mashed potato in Singapore.

The mashed potato from BBQ chicken costs $3.80 per serving according to the menu, as best as I can remember.

The mashed potato has a smooth texture, and Carcar described it as having a spongy feel. However, yours truly has been tasting and reviewing so many mashed potato that the mashed potato from BBQ Chicken just simply tasted average. It was better than Kenny Roger's mashed potato, but it was not excellent enough for me to want to go back for the mashed potato.

The brown sauce that goes with the mashed potato was on the salty side. Thank goodness that it was not oily. The chicken was pretty nice and juicy, but I don't think I would go back for the chicken since the mashed potato there was just simply average.

Many thanks to Carcar for her treat once again.

With this post, I wish for my friend to whom this series was dedicated to, true and wonderful friendships.

BBQ Chicken's website:

This is a halal-certified restaurant.


EastCoastLife said...

You don't get sick eating so much mashed potato? :)

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: I don't. When a person eats with good will and wishes to spread good will about, each moment finding a good mashed potato will be a joy.

The thing is that I need good leads. So far I seem to have already tried the better mashed potato, and for the past weeks, what I have tried were merely average.

c a r c a r said...

hey ya u are right the mashed potato is not oily, even though it is tasted average only.

no mention to the simple lunch, i shall thank you for the wonderful All About E.C.O concert.

me and my bf both enjoyed it very much.


kyh said...

I love mashed potato. Unfortunately, those mashed potatoes available here all come with chicken gravy, which I can't take. Yes, I can ask for the mashed potato without the gravy, but the taste would be too bland then.