Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sunset is beautiful test

A dear friend of mine remarked that I do not act like my age. I suppose she must have been surprised to see the child-like side of me. Anyway, it was probably her privilege to. Normally, it would be my closer friends who would have the pleasure to experience the expressive and child-like side of me, from time to time. Many people would think that I am awfully serious!?

Do you experience me as child-like or sternly serious?

Whatever it is, I suppose it does take quite some courage and self-confidence to express one's child-like facet when the world mistakeningly think that people who are child-like do not take their lives seriously. I am serious with the people whom I care about and the things that I commit to do. It is just that I have learnt that it often helps to lighten up when necessary, by not taking ourselves too seriously.

You Crave a Blissful Life

Your dream is to live a light hearted, carefree life. You don't want to be bogged down by stress.

You'd like to recapture some of the playfulness and innocence you had as a child.

You believe that life should be about celebrations and fun. The world needs more happiness.

You want to focus on the positive and stay optimistic. It's too easy to get depressed.


Doreen said...

To me, you're indeed a serious person, and very mature thinking.

Jammie J. said...

I think you're a very thoughtful, introspective person, at least to me that's what your writings reflect.

But I also see the world with the eyes of a child -- as if there's so much yet to be viewed and discovered (and there is!) -- perfect example, your post just previous to this one. :)

Jammie J. said...

I missed a word in my previous comment. Second paragraph, I meant to start it by saying, "But I also see that you view the world with the eyes of a child -- "

pinkie said...

Your online persona is no-nonsense and matured but I did sense the child-like side of you during our last meet-up. Just be yourself ya!

goldilocks said...

both, PY. both.

oceanskies79 said...

Yeah, for the first few times, I could actually get 5 comments in a single day! Thanks everyone. :)

Doreen: Thank you for seeing the mature thinking side of me.

Jammie: Thank you for your thoughtful sharing. I appreciate your support and feedback. :)

Pinkie: Haha, I didn't try to be a no-nonsense person on purpose. Like I've said, I tend to show my child-like side with people I feel comfortable with.

JY: Ah. I appreciate your feedback most, since you have probably known me for quite a while. :) Thank you.