Thursday, April 09, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 28

My hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore continues. With the lack of good leads partly because I seem to have exhausted most of the good leads, I realised that I would now make time to sample any mashed potato.

I ended up eating the mashed potato from Kenny's Western Food, #01-167, Yishun Ring Rd, Chong Pang Food Centre. This stall usually opens from the late afternoon or evening.

Actually, I ordered the black pepper chicken and it came with two scoops of mashed potato. The mashed potato is rather on the wet side. It was not too heavy in its taste, but somehow the wet characteristic of the mashed potato had made it lose an earthly potato flavour. While the mashed potato was a good compliment to the black pepper chicken that I had ordered, it was not good on its own. At least it did not win my heart since I do not like mashed potato that is too wet.

One can get a serving of mashed potato (3 mini scoops) for $1. It was cheap, but I won't return to this stall for mashed potato even though I will be in the area about five days per week.

With this post, I wish for my friend to whom this series of post is dedicated to, the wisdom, to discern and to make effective choices.

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pinkie said...

I just learnt the difference in the quality of potato chips recently... seems like it applies to mashed potatoes too, losing the taste of potatoes and all. Interesting...