Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 15 of year 2009 on the double bass

5 Apr 2009, Sun: I practised selected passages from Lennox Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. I felt I was in a phase of stagnation in terms of creative output. I needed more motivation and energy to feel inspired from my practice. On the positive side, it helped to know that playing harmonics on my new hubby produced much nicer sound quality than my previous double bass.

8 Apr 2009, Wed: Despite feeling exhausted from the day, I was pleased that I could still urge myself to play a sight-reading work on the double bass. I then went on to play the first, second and fourth movement from Marcello's Sonata in G major. Frankly, I felt in need of some pep-talk when it comes to double bass playing recently. The sense of lethargy has caught up so much in me that I felt pretty much not as effective as I would like for my practices. How on Earth could I make my music touch people's soul if I do not learn how to make music that would touch my own soul?

9 Apr 2009, Thu: Double bass lesson started with sight-reading. I sight-read an orchestral passage for the double bass from Mozart's Symphony No. 40. More sight-reading is needed. I realised that it would help my sight-reading skills if I can aim to play a wider range of repertoire.

During the double bass lesson, I worked on the first and second movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major. I learnt that when I play the second movement, I should not press the left-fingers too forcefully onto the fingerboard. Touch not slam.

In the evening, I continued to work on sight-reading. I learnt that I could clap the rhythms of the melody line so that I can better appreciate the rhythm. More practices will be needed for sight-reading.

10 Apr 2009, Fri: I took some time to practise orchestral passages for the double bass from Mozard's Symphony No. 40 to work on my sight-reading skills and to improve my competency in playing orchestral works. Strangely, I felt a little disheartened. It is a sign to tell me that I need some morale booster to encourage myself to overcome the challenges in playing the double bass.

11 Apr 2009, Sat: To be honest, I am feeling not in the mood to practise the works listed in the diploma syllabus. I didn't mind a bit more sight-reading so I took some time to warm my eyes and fingers to sight-read Tchaikovsky's First Symphony. The practice kind of stimulated my mind and body. Music has been a stimulating activity for yours truly. I wonder if playing music may be a more constructive way to curb addictions? If so, perhaps the therapy for addicts is to channel them to create art so as to express themselves?

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