Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 16 of year 2009 on the double bass

12 Apr 2009, Sun: I started to practising selected works from Hartley's Double Bass Solo Book One. Afterwhich, I worked on practising selected passages from Lennox Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro.

I look forward to listen to the recording of Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. I have just purchased a copy of it via online sources. About a week ago, I received an email from Tom Daly of The Lennox Berkeley Society informing me that there is a recording of Lennox Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro performed by Leon Bosch (double bass) & Sung-Suk Kang (piano) available from Meridian Records. That led me to purchase a copy a couple of days after I had received the mail.

13 Apr 2009, Mon: In the late night, I decided to be disciplined to practise on the double bass. It turned out to be not as productive as I would like. Maybe I should just practise scales rather than selected passages from Dragonetti's Concerto in A major.

16 Apr 2009, Thu: During the double bass lesson, I continued to work on sight-reading. There is some improvement, yet I need more practice and help!

Meantime, my rendition of the second movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major is starting to take some shape. The first few bars are extremely challenging to play, and I hope that with more practices, I could be more consistent in achieving the tone qualtiy.

In the later part of the night, at home, I worked on more sight-reading exercises. I need to sight-read more works in tenor clef. I felt I was still in need of more practice sight-reading passages in tenor clef.

18 Apr 2009, Sat: Sight-reading exercises include passages from orchestral works by Carl Maria von Webber. Technically, it wasn't sight-reading because I had played Weber's Euryanthe Overture and Oberon Overture many years ago. Nevertheless, it was a good training to improve eye-fingers coordination.

Afterwhich, needing a break from playing the works from the diploma syllabus, I practised Dittersdorf's Second Concerto for Double Bass. I felt I was playing for the pleasure of it, and not to improve technical competencies. Whatever it is, it was a stimulating practice for the mind.

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