Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17 of year 2009 on the double bass

19 Apr 2009, Sun: I sight-read a work by a composer from the Baroque period just to get myself more acquainted with more repertoire. Afterwhich, time was spent working through the second movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major with the help of the metronome. It was just necessary because I realised that I need stronger sense of tempo after listening to the recordings of my double bass lessons.

20 Apr 2009, Mon: I practised the third and fourth movement of Marcello's Sonata in G major with the metronome. The goal was to achieve a good tempo.

22 Apr 2009, Wed: I practised Faure's Apres Un Reve with the metronome in the hope to achieve a steady rhythm.

23 Apr 2009, Thu: For the lesson, I worked on the second movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major. The main issue is to be able to start the movement consistently well each and every time.

I also played the first movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major and Faure's Apres Un Reve.

In the evening, I worked on sight-reading. Hopefully I can build my confidence in the quick-study component of the exams.

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