Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The herbal test

Try this test and let me know if you think it is accurate, please?
I care. The challenge for me is to learn to manage when the intensity gets too strong.

For now, I need some care myself to heal. Maybe whatever I am experiencing are signs to ask for a respite?

You Are Basil

You are a mild mannered person. People feel naturally calm around you.

You are warm hearted and loving. You have a close knit circle of friends and family.

You have the courage to be who you are in life, even if others disagree. You're proud of your uniqueness.

You are good at caring for and healing others. You are naturally soothing.


Jammie J. said...

It said this about me:

You Are Mint
You are a honest person with a strong personality. Your frank point of view is refreshing.
You've been quite lucky in your life, though you have made more of your own luck than you realize.

You are engaging and disarming. You definitely have the "gift of gab!"
You live an edgy, dynamic life. Sometimes you get a little burned, but you always bounce back.
Interestingly, I've had others tell me this about myself, but I don't know that it's a perspective that I see of myself.

One thing I really disagree with is gift of gab. I'm really not a gabby person at all.

oceanskies79 said...

Jammie: Thank you for doing the test and sharing. :)

Having a frank point of view can be a gift. :)

mistipurple said...

i have the same results as you.
some parts are true but i feel that i am still in a transitional mode, so i am evolving in some other parts.

i wish you healing moments. :)