Thursday, July 09, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 41

On 24 May 2009, I walked into Bobby's @ CHIJMES to try its mashed potato. I managed to strike a conversation with the staff who was serving me that day. It was nice of him that I could just simply order a mashed potato. He got to know the purpose of my visit, i.e. to sample the mashed potato so as the review if it is the best in Singapore. He told me that I'm the first customer that he knows who walked into Bobby's @ CHIJMES just for the mashed potato.

This mashed potato is served with brown sauce that is made from beef stock, I was told. As usual, I like the fact that the brown sauce is served separate from the mashed potato so that one could have greater control over the amount of brown sauce that would go with the mashed potato.

The mashed potato is simple and plain on its own, and has a no-gimmick, down-to-earth smooth texture. If eaten on its own, I would rate it as average. It would fare better than Kenny Roger's mashed potato of course. However, it lacked a distinctive flavour that would delight the taste-buds of yours truly so it did not ace itself as one of the best mashed potato in Singapore.

On the other hand, bearing in mind that the mashed potato here is more intended to go with the drinks and the main dishes, Bobby's mashed potato's plain and simple taste may have its mass appeal since such a taste would usually go well and compliment most drinks and meals. So the key is, the mashed potato here does not work as well if eaten on its own. By the way, I heard that the Ribs from Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs is a hot favourite. If you do try the ribs, let me know if the mashed potato goes well well the ribs please.

Each serving of the mashed potato is $3 before taxes.

With this post, I wish my friend to whom this series of posts is dedicated to the power to connect and be accepted. Cheers!

Bobby's @ CHIJMES
Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs
30, Victoria Street
#B1-03, CHIJMES Fountain Court
Singapore, 187996

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pinkie said...

Bobby's! I've been there once for Argentine Tango party! Only had finger food there... I think it's a good idea to separate the brown sauce with mashed potato....