Thursday, September 17, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 50

On 23 Jul 2009, I walked from one end of Joo Chiat Road (near the Joo Chiat Complex) to the other end of Joo Chiat Road. On my way, I was searching for places that sell mashed potato. I did not enquire at the various pubs along Joo Chiat Road, and the only place that I've found along Joo Chiat Road that serves mashed potato was Recharge Station located at Katong Mall. I ordered the mashed potato with mushroom sauce.

This mashed potato costs $3.80 per serving. The mushroom sauce is delightful with bits of mushroom shreds in it. It adds a nice flavour to the mashed potato. I like the way the mashed potato was presented.

In terms of the taste of the mashed potato, the mashed potato was fine in texture and soft. However, the fine-grained texture of the mashed potato makes me wonder if it was made from instant mashed potato flakes mixed with hot water? It might be. The mashed potato was served at a pretty hot temperature. Anyway, the taste of the mashed potato was less than average. Thank goodness the mushroom sauce was good enough to redeem the less-than-average mashed potato.

The Recharge station has a relatively pleasant ambience, and could deserve a bit more patronage from folks who would like its cosy and relaxing ambience.

I don't think I would go back for the mashed potato though. I have a personal liking for mashed potato that is made directly from real potatoes and not from potato flakes mixed with hot water.

With this post, I wish my friend to whom this series of posts is dedicated to: The faith to continue to strive while achieving her life-goals. Press on!

Recharge station
112 East Coast Rd
#01-24/25 Katong Mall
Singapore 428802.
Tel: 6346 5751.


pinkie said...

First time I'm seeing mashed potatoes surrounding the sauce! Thanks for sharing! :)

EastCoastLife said...

You were in Joo Chiat? Didn't contact me?

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: If it had tasted better, I would have recommended it to you. ;)

Eastcoastlife: My apologies. I needed some time to myself that day.