Sunday, July 05, 2009

Week 27 of year 2009 on the double bass

28 Jun 2009, Sun: I practised all the three movements of Capuzzi's Concerto in D major focusing on securing a steady sense of rhythm especially for the first two movements.

29 Jun 2009, Mon: Time was spent practising Faure's Apres Un Reve to achieve better intonation. I also worked on Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. In the hope to play from memory, I attempted to play the first movement of Marcello's Sonata in G major without referring to the scores.

1 Jul 2009, Wed: It was double bass lesson. It began with sight-reading. Much time was spent practising Faure's Apres Un Reve. Following which, I played Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. What impressed me was when my tutor played a rendition of Marcello's Sonata in G major, he knew from his heart how music in the Baroque style would sound like.

2 Jul 2009, Thu: I worked on quick-studies of a few excerpts from contemporary orchestral works. I needed to work on counting the rhythms and to achieve a good musical line, and not merely play the notes.

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