Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 30 of year 2009 on the double bass

19 Jul 2009, Sun: I practised a few studies. Afterwhich, I worked on a couple of the pieces such as Faure's Apres Un Reve, Marcello's Sonata in G major and Capuzzi's Concerto in D major. The goal was to enjoy the playing while being mindful of keeping a steady sense of pulse.

20 Jul 2009, Mon: Many thanks to my tutor for testing out the sound of my instrument at the concert halls. I was mesmerised by the sound of the instrument in the concert hall when my tutor played on it at VCH. That was inspiring. Hopefully I would play better soon.

During the lesson, I worked on the Capuzzi's Concerto in D major. It looks like I have to continue working with the metronome, perhaps at a slightly faster speed.

22 Jul 2009, Wed: I am growing to like the sound of my instrument. I worked with the metronome to practise Faure's Apres Un Reve and selected passages from Capuzzi's Concerto in D major. I love the way it sings.

23 Jul 2009, Thu: I worked on a few studies from Hartley's Double Bass Solo Book Two. It was more to focus on my sense of rhythm. I need more focus.

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