Friday, August 28, 2009

Season and soul test

I wish I could felt a zen-like calm now. I hope I can find the ways to face the challenges ahead squarely and steadily. Wish me all the best please.

Your Soul Is Connected to the Winter

You approach life with a zen-like calm that other people envy. Nothing rattles you.

You are smart, thoughtful, and very serious. You don't stress out, but you don't take much lightly.

You like to keep to yourself, and you've been called shy - even if you don't consider yourself that way.

You prefer a cozy, quiet life filled with ideas, books, and maybe a few friends.


EastCoastLife said...

Wishing you wisdom and good energy to face your challenges.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Thank you very much for your wishes and encouragement. These are very timely.

tuti said...

wish you peace and wisdom to make the right choices in life.
all the best, py.