Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The better ones thus far: The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore.

This series of posts to hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine. I hope each post will be my humble way to send my friend blessings and good vibes.

This post shall be a brief attempt to highlight some of the better mashed potato in Singapore that have been featured in this series so far.

Worthy of mention will be the mashed potato that is made by my maternal grandmother. It shall be one of the best since I deemed that it's made with care and love. Admittedly, I confess I may be biased in some ways. :

One of the best mashed potato in my opinion since I prefer the creamy mashed potato that is mixed with a dash of butter will be the mashed potato from Miss Clarity Cafe. It's not on the menu so I suppose it was a made-to-order dish?

In addition, Miss Clarity Cafe also serves country mash that is worth a good try:

Hog's Breath Cafe also offers mashed potato that is worth a try. I ordered the mashed potato on its own, and was served mashed potato with a patterned presentation:

For folks who likes mashed potato with a garlic taste, they could consider visiting Breeks! Cafe:

One of my other good friends, Mystic, would prefer mashed potato with a more chunky texture. Aerin's would meet the craving for those who prefer a chunky and non-creamy mashed potato that is not too dry.

For the people who likes mashed potato with a dry, chunky texture and earthy taste, Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant would be one place to visit:

Mashed potato lovers who prefer to have their mashed potato eaten with brown sauce could go to Border's Bistro and try its homemade mashed potato. Alternatively, one could consider the mashed potato from Billy Bombers:

For the folks who are tired of the brown sauce that often goes with mashed potato, and are in the adventurous mood to try a different kind of sauce, they may wish to consider Jalapeno's Pepper's Home Style Mashed Potatoes:

The best part is that good mashed potato are not necessary only available from the restaurants. Delightful tasting mashed potato dishes are also available from food-court and coffee-shop establishments. Try Belly's Western Food and Western Chow's. These serves good mashed potato at affordable prices. Interestingly, Western Chow's mashed potato is actually mashed potato salad that is served cold.

There are some other food establishments that serve good enough mashed potato that are worthy to try. These are:

Astons Express mashed potato
Mashed potato from Paulaner Bräuhaus' Sunday Brunch
Brewerkz's White Cheddar Mashed Potato
Brotzeit's mashed potato
Botak Jones' cheese potato
Mashed potato from Bobby's @ CHIJMES
Outback Steakhouse's mashed potato
Vittles' mashed potato
Empire State's mashed potato

For now, stay tune please as I continue to search for the best mashed potato in Singapore. If you have leads to offer, please let me know.


pinkie said...

This is a really good review! Sure gotta be something that can entice everyone..

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Pinkie. Hopefully, this series have helped mashed potato lovers in Singapore have some good leads to satisfu their mashed potato cravings. :)