Thursday, September 24, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 51

On 29 Jul 2009, Wed, I headed to Iluma Mall. I remember that mashed potato is served at Empire State, at Iluma Mall @ Bugis. 201 Victoria Street, #04-03, so it was one establishment to check out for my hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore.

This is at least the 50th kind of mashed potato that I have tried in Singapore. May blessings and good-will find their way already to my friend to whom this series is dedicated to.

Back to the mashed potato, I have a preference for mashed potato with a buttery taste and smooth texture. As such, I've found myself liking the mashed potato from Empire State. While it is not the best in Singapore, it is definitely above-average.

Please take note that the mashed potato from Empire State is a special order. Each serving is $3.90 before taxes. The mashed potato was soft, buttery. It delighted me that the mashed potato was made from good-tasting real potatoes.

The brown sauce left a slightly salty aftertaste. An apropriate amount of the brown sauce did help to enhance the flavour of the mashed potato. I would prefer the brown sauce to be served by the side so that I can choose how much sauce could go with the mashed potato. I checked with the restaurant's staff and found out that I could, at the time of ordering, request for the brown sauce to be served separately from the mashed potato.

The serving of the mashed potato was large enough for more than one person. I felt pretty full eating it.

With this post, I wish my friend to whom this series is dedicated to: contentment.


Doreen said...

Honestly, the presentation is a bit off.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Maybe my photography skills didn't do it justice yet? Anyway, what matters is the taste!

sputnik00 said...

hi, enjoyed following your mashed potato hunt.

i remember eating yummy mashed potatoes at Breeks, the outlet at marina square. after eating it, i regretted ordering my main and wished i could swop everything for more mashed potatoes!

thanks for sharing.