Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 38 of year 2009 on the double bass

13 Sep 2009, Sun: I started with two quick studies. Afterwhich, time was spent working through selected passages from the exams programme. The goal was to improve articulation. I went through the passages at a slow tempo so as to ensure the intonation is good and to help the fingers remember their places on the fingerboard. The practice has been stimulating mentally.

14 Sep 2009, Mon: The goal of the rehearsal for the day was to perform all the dynamics markings stated on the scores, and to play musically. Many thanks to my tutor and the piano accompanist for their time and feedback.

The evening was spent rehearsing selected passages at slower tempo. The goals were to improve articulation, work towards a good sense of rhythm and play a clear sound while playing near the bridge.

15 Sep 2009, Tue: Continued practising for quick study. I continued to practise for the diploma exams.

16 Sep 2009, Wed: Practise continued. And then it was the exams day! I am grateful to the many people who have given guidance, encouragement and assistance. Thanks a lot everyone!

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