Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 66

It was 15 Oct 2009, I found out that The Grinning Gecko located within National University of Singapore (NUS) Kent Ridge campus (near Central Library area) serves mashed potato. The natural thing for me to do was to order a serving of it. On its own, the mashed potato would cost $1.50 per serving. Otherwise, one could purchase any of the sandwiches and add an extra $1.20 for a serving of the mashed potato.

The mashed potato comes with a spicy black pepper sauce that can wake one's senses yet not make one scream from the fiery spices. The mashed potato is compact, and soft in texture.

Compared with the mashed potato from NUS Arts Canteen and MEGAbites cafe, The Grinning Gecko serves much better mashed potato.

The buns used for the sandwiches and the vegetables used for the salad are fresh, and worth trying too. A Garden salad costs only $1.50 per serving. The Spicy Mayo Chicken sandwich that I had ordered cost $2.50 each. This place deserves better business. It serves value-for-money food!

With this post, I send wishes to my friend to whom this series of post is dedicated to: lots of magical moments of joy!

The Grinning Gecko
12 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore 119275,
Singapore, 119275
Phone: 62731300

Also read the review here:

(This place serves halal food and has vegetarian items)


pinkie said...

Oh I didn't know that the caterer at NUS is MEGAbites. Ours here is MEGAbites too, dun ever try its mashed potatoes, it's horrible here! :P

goldilocks said...

eh, the grinning gecko has been in arts since... you have not tried it before?

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Thanks for letting me know. There is a MEGAbites cafe in NUS, near the Science faculty.

Goldilocks: I have not tried Grinning Gecko before. I think somehow as a student, I decided it was more cost-effective to eat in the canteens.