Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 55

On 23 Aug 2009 (Sun), I was so keen to continue to hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, I ended up at Werner's Oven.

The menu did not stated that the mashed potato is available on its own. Anyway, since I was hungry for lunch, I ordered the crispy pork knuckle served with mashed potato & sauerkraut. This costs $21.50 before GST. There's no service charge here. The set proved to be too large a serving for yours truly, particularly because I haven't been eating so much red meat for a long time!

The crispy texture of the pork knuckles is a good contrast to the soft and fluffy texture of the mashed potato. The mashed potato is made from real potato and not potato flakes, this I have learnt to tell after trying out so many mashed potato. The mashed potato has a pleasant tinge of sour flavour which reminded me of the taste of sweet mustard. I suppose butter had been added to achieve the creamy and buttery texture and taste.

Personally for me, I find the pork knuckles too heavy in serving for me. After having a few bites of it, I felt I had enough of the pork knuckles. The mashed potato as a side dish surprisingly refreshed the palate after eating too much pork knuckles. Frankly speaking, the pork knuckles here were crispy and juicy. However, I simply am not fond of eating too much red meat nowadays. It may be a long time before I would eat so much pork knuckle on my own.

The mashed potato from Werner's Oven is quite a delightful side-dish. I asked the waiter, and he shared that although it is not listed as an item on the menu, one could order the mashed potato as a special order!

With this post, I wish my friend to whom this series of posts is dedicated to: the wisdom to make good choices.

Werner's Oven
6 Upper East Coast Road,
Singapore 455200,
Tel: 64423897.

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