Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 58

It has been slightly more than a year since I have started on the hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore. It came about as a humble way to identify the best mashed potato in Singapore so as to delight a friend of mine who has a liking for mashed potato. Each and every post is also my humble way to send caring thoughts and wishes to my friend. I hope that readers of this series have also enjoyed the caring wishes and delights that each post aims to bring.

My hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore got me ending up at Pump Room on 5 Sep 2009.

The mashed potato here has a chunky texture to it. There seems to be no much butter added to the mashed potato, so I suppose it would be a choice for people who do not like to have too much butter in their mashed potato. There was a dash of salt added to the mashed potato for taste. It's $8 before tax.

With this post, I wish my friend to whom this series of posts is dedicated to: tenacity.

The Pump Room
3B River Valley Road,
The Foundry, #01-09/10,
Singapore 179021


kyh said...

It's been a long time since I last had mashed potato. You make me miss one.

oceanskies79 said...

kyh: I may have to make you enjoy looking at mashed potato at least once a week. On average, there's one post per week on my quest for the mashed potato in Singapore.