Thursday, June 10, 2010

The hunt for the best mashed potato in Singapore, part 75


I was at Marina Square on 12 Feb 2010 and I ordered a serving of mashed potato from Te Gems (Pasta, Pizza, Baked Rice), Marina Food Loft, #23A. Each serving costs $1 each.

The mashed potato tastes way better than the mashed potato from the Aglio Olio stall in the same food court. Furthermore, it is priced at a very affordable price of $1 per serving. I appreciate the fact that the mashed potato was made from real potatoes and not potato flakes. The mashed potato has a compact and slightly dry texture. Mashed potato lovers who patron the Marina Food Loft could check out Te Gems over Aglio Olio for mashed potato.

The brown sauce had an overpowering taste of Italian herbs. People who loves Italian herbs may like the brown sauce. For me, the brown sauce tasted interestingly novel initially. Later, I felt it was too overpowering for my liking. Whatever it is, at a price of $1 and considering that the mashed potato tasted good, it is worth trying. I may ask for the sauce to be served separately from the mashed potato in the future.

With this post, I ask that my friend to whom this quest for the best mashed potato in Singapore was dedicated to be blessed with divine guidance and love.

Te Gems (Pasta, Pizza, Baked Rice)
Marina Square
Marina Food Loft, #23A.

(Update on 22 Apr 2011: This stall is no longer operating at Marina Food Loft.)

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