Thursday, August 05, 2010

The endeavour to play beautiful sounds on the double bass

Double bass lessons have been inspiring. Listening to the beautiful sounds that my tutor creates on the double bass reminded me of the book Outliers: The Story of Success that JY had given me for my birthday. The magic for creating beautiful sounds on the double bass is simply hours of excellent practices.

My tutor shared with me his secrets to achieving such lovely sounds on the double bass: He keeps looking for a beautiful and loud sound on the double bass.

It seems that the sounds that I am creating on the double bass is improving with more practices. One of my dear friends encouraged me to record my double bass lessons so that I can review them more easily. That helped. I can now review my lessons for as many times as I could like to, and that helped gave me more feedback on my playing. Occassionally, I could listen to the recorded version of my tutor demonstrating how he would play selected passages, and that forms the benchmark that I will strive to achieve and even excel.

I shall constantly look for ways to play beautiful sounds on the double bass, and may these sounds soothe and revitalise the listeners.

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