Thursday, April 12, 2007

The competing demands

Everyone has 24 hours a day only.

I may have had thoughts of asking for more time, but time is a commodity that is so fair to everyone on Planet Earth.

For the past weeks, I felt I was running out of time. There are quite a number of things I would like to do, and there has been a nagging feeling that my time may soon end one day. Life may end before I could do what I wish to do. I may have to start to learn to live every day as if it were my last. Maybe that feeling could have came about when a few of fingers started hurting for no clear reason.

Somehow, I felt I have to learn to buy time or at least catch up with it.

There are so many things I would have to do during this period of time:
1) Work, and serve people.
(It can be fulfilling.)

2) Practise, practise and practise on the double bass.
(I love the way it sounds.)

3) Study music theory and do music theory homework.
(While I admittedly don't love music theory as much as I love the double bass, I believe that a good foundation in music theory will help me play better and more musically on the double bass.)

4) Read.
(I have a couple of books I wish to read: Paul Brun's A New History of the Double Bass, a book on social Entrepreneurship. I would also like to finish reading Emily's gift to me i.e. Aaron Copland's What to Listen for in Music.)

5) Read, research, and write the programme notes for my DipABRSM exams.
(My DipABRSM exams is just about four to five months away!)

6) Write.
(I already have ideas and basic outlines for several heritage-related blog-posts and a few others. I would just need the time to write.)

7) Spend some time with treasured friends and family members.
(Those who know me well would know that I value my personal space very much. I need to have enough time alone. Then again, lost time with family members and treasured friends would be lost forever. I shall learn to strike a healthy balance.)

8) The basic necessities of living: Eat, drink, sleep and etc.
(I find myself sleeping less than I had used to six years ago.)

I am thankful to my dear mother, father and brothers for their understanding, and from sparing me from the mundane so that I have time to do many of the items listed above.

Having said the above, I am starting to feel that I need more simplicity in my life. More clarity in my priorities in life may be helpful. However, either I am not honest enough with myself or I still lack the maturity as a young lad, I am still unclear what would truly mean to me in life.

If there is a North-star that guides, I ask that it guide me to gain the wisdom to learn to lead a balanced life, despite all the competing demands.


mistipurple said...

i understand your need for space.
i am also glad your family takes care of the mundane chores for you. it is good that you appreciate that and it is not taken for granted. many people take a lot of things for granted, and that is sad.
i hope you will find your path. who knows? perhaps your path might find you instead. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: It would be lovely if my path finds me instead. Yet I suppose rather than for it to find me, I could also start looking for it.

Simple American said...

Bless your family for understanding your needs.

Wishing for a few extra hours so I can rest after the American tax deadline passes next week.

2crazydogs said...

I agree with you - there are so much to do in a day and there is only so much time in a day. What I need is another 6 extra hours and I will be able to get my studies and at least practice my scales for the day. If only it will happen.....

eastcoastlife said...

Life can be simple or busy as you want it. I was working like a crazy person ages ago. Although now also don't have enough hours, but my priorities have been adjusted. I'm breathing easier now!

Live like there is no tomorrow, but for your loved ones not only for yourself.