Wednesday, April 14, 2021

How to identify the white keys on the keyboard

Our current version of the keyboard or the piano has gone through some evolutions in its design historically. Yet currently, the current colouring of the black and white keys and the design seemed to have been standardised.

Often a beginner to playing the keyboard would ask: How do I identify the white keys on the keyboard?

This could be simpler than most people think. 

Using the Lorien method, put together as a system by the founder, Duncan Lorien, there is a logical system to identifying all the white keys on any keyboard instruments. For more about the work of Duncan Lorien, please visit:

Essentially, the whole process is to find the "D" note on the piano or keyboard. To do so, notice that the black keys are arranged in the patterns of a set of two-black-keys followed by a set of three-black-keys and so forth. Look for any set of two-black-keys and right in between the selected set of two-black-keys is a white key that will always be identified as "D" in Western music.

For a demonstration, check out this video: 

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