Sunday, February 03, 2008

Untitled 3 Feb 2008

A surge of painful feelings
Seem to have hit upon me
Growing up pains?
Or signs that something is awfully wrong?

Sometimes they are felt so strongly
At times they are so mild to be felt
Yet each entrance they make
Seem to bring sadness to the day

May such feelings not last long
Else they may pave the roads to despair
But what can bring joy or delight
To relieve one of the pain?

As if it is darkness
And one is groping to find her way
Each attempt has yet to bring one closer
Such that light seems so far away

Out of touch
In an isolated world
Each urge to connect
Often gets extinguished
By a strangling pain

The footsteps urge forward
Keep on with the search
The pain is still there
What messages is it meant to send?


mistipurple said...

i feel that way when my hormones are not balanced. thankfully they're better now. but i still get hit once in a while. i tell my doctor about it and feel more assured. might be you can ask your doc when you next see her/him?

pinkie said...

Emotional pain may be far worse than physical pain... *hugs* hope you find what you're searching.

crazycat said...

its probably a bad phase for you now.. hope your thots will clear up and regain your happy self soon

Dawn said...

Big hugs for you. I hope you feel better after the CNY holidays. A good rest might help clear your mind. "HUGS"