Monday, June 15, 2009

The exhibition: Da Vinci The Genius

I had been hoping to visit the exhibition Da Vinci The Genius for a while ever since the exhibition commenced on 16 May 2009. So on 31 May 2009, I eventually decided to visit the exhibition. No photography is allowed in the exhibition hall so just please prepare your mind to be imaginative.

Da Vinci The Genius presents the inspirational works of Leonardo da Vinci. In this exhibition, one will get to experience the accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci in the field of science, anatomy, engineering, art and architecture. His ideas were at many times well ahead of his times.

Visitors to the exhibition can find themselves delighted with the following:

1) The replica of anatomical studies made by Leonardo Vinci.
2) Find out how the painting Mona Lisa would have look like during Leonardo da Vinci's times. The secrets of Mona Lisa were revealed.
3) The Vitruvian Man which illustrates the ideal human proportions based on rules of geometry described by the Roman architect, Vitruvius.
4) The special medium that was used to paint The Last Supper.

There are more to be discovered.

For me, I was more interested with the exhibits that were art-related rather than those involving the principles of engineering and physics. This was partly because of my limited appreciation in the principles of engineering and physics.

With 188 exhibits on display, it would take about at least half a day to take a reasonable glimpse of each of the exhibits.

Da Vinci The Genius is now on show at the Science Centre Singapore, The Annexe, from 16 May to 16 Aug 2009. Admission to the exhibition is at $16.00 per adult and $11.00 per child (3 - 16 years old). The admission includes the Science Centre admission fees. Please take note that the Science Centre operates from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and it's closed on Mondays, except school and public holidays.

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