Monday, August 03, 2009

From Hort Park to Kent Ridge Park

On 19 Jun 2009, I found my way to Hort Park after a leisure walk from Mount Faber. After a short visit at Hort Park, I headed for Kent Ridge Park. The challenge was this, although there were some directional signs, I could not find a map that would show me the shortest route to Kent Ridge Park. That day, I had to rely on my intuitions and some good guesses to find my way to Kent Ridge Park. Thank goodness that after some attempts, I managed to find my way from Hort Park to Kent Ridge Park.

Compared to Henderson Waves, the Forest Walk and HortPark, Kent Ridge Park appeared relatively much quieter and drew less crowd after the noon-hour that day. I felt I was almost all alone by myself when I explored Kent Ridge Park. Anyway, I knew I wasn't really alone when I caught sight of beautiful butterflies and colourful birds as I walked towards the Canopy Walk located in the premises of Kent Ridge Park.

The tranquil environment of Kent Ridge Park offered me the needed space to reflect and to just enjoy the moments.

There is one look-out point at Kent Ridge that offered lovely views of the off-shore islands. I had wanted to spend my time there just admiring at the skies. However, I felt a little hungry for lunch and the dark clouds suggested that there might be a rain. As such, I decided to just spend a few moments enjoying the sea-view before heading towards the Canopy Walk that would lead me to the Reflections at Bt Chandu.

Magnificent view of off-shore islands from one of the look-out points.

Canopy Walk is a walk-way that links Kent Ridge Park to Reflections at Bt Chandu. It offered me a chance to be very close to the wildlife and plants of Kent Ridge Park. While there was no air-conditioning, it was a refreshing walk for the body and the mind. I felt glad that I had decided to go for that long walk from Mount Faber to Kent Ridge Park.

Soon, I reached a clearing that would lead me to the Reflections at Bt Chandu. This is a Interpretative Centre that commemorates "the gallantry and sacrifice of the 1st and 2nd Battalion Malay Regiment who defended the western sector of Singapore in Feb 1942."

I spent some moments at the Reflections at Bt Chandu. It rained when I was about to leave the museum, so I spent some time at the ground level of the centre reading a book. It was quite a pleasant time trying to while time away while waiting for the rain to stop.

If you are keen to take a walk along the Southern Ridges, from West Coast Park to HarbourFront, you may wish to read the blog-post Southern Ridges Visual Guide (west Coast Park to HarbourFront) by acroamatic.

In the meantime, I shall end this post with a photograph taken at the Reflections at Bt Chandu.


EastCoastLife said...

I wish I could go on long walks, I miss them. :(

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: How are you? Perhaps you could start with short yet quality walks?