Friday, October 09, 2009

Having Dunkin Donuts with Mystic

Thank goodness for good friends. They can make ordinary meals seem so full of cheers, joy and good humour.

On 5 Oct 2009, I went out with one of my good friends, Mystic, for dinner. After dinner, we had a tour about part of the Orchard area. Mystic was very kind to accompany me to look for a book at various bookstores. It turned out that the following bookstores, Prologue, Borders Singapore, and Kinokuniya, did not have any stock of the book that I had wanted.

Anyway, we ended up having dessert and a chat in the night at the Dunkin Donuts outlet at Ion Orchard. We ordered the following donuts: Apple, Nutty Chocolate and Boston Cream. Mystic liked the custard filling in the Boston Cream donut. I personally prefered the nutty chocolate for its nutty taste.

Both Mystic and myself agreed that the apple filling in the Apple donut reminded us of the apple-filling in MacDonalds' apple-pie. The taste of the apple filling was acceptable, just that it felt ordinary.

Mystic wanted to know who were the developers of Ion Orchard. If I have got it correct, Ion Orchard is a joint development by CapitaLand and Sun Hung Kai Properties.

Well, it seemed that Mystic has such a love for food, I would end up reviewing food when I am with Mystic. I may have to seriously consider if I should start a new series of posts entitled Meals with Mystic whenever I have meals together with Mystic.


Doreen said...

Donuts there are full of variety. Ours here are pretty boring, only the usual plain with sugar but I love it, especially good to go down with coffee!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Good plain donuts with sugar may just be the food that is needed to lift one's day. Enjoy it with coffee.

pinkie said...

I love donuts but they are just too fattening!