Sunday, December 13, 2009

A quarterlife crisis related article

I came across this online article by Robyn titled A Restless Generation. I would like to share it here for the purpose of reminding myself that career wise, I wish for a career that allows me to use the skills I enjoy using most:

- integrating ideas.
- reflection
- analysing
- use of empathy
- self-expression
- learn while travelling
- write


tuti said...

i hope you'll land a job that fulfills your wishes.
maybe a part-time one to fill in the ones that may be missing from the full-time job?

pinkie said...

The ideal job is one which allow us to use the skills we enjoy using most, this is so true... but if u take two jobs, that may kill the joy?

tuti said...

lol pinkie. i hear you.
only part time unless it brings joy.
sometimes we've got plenty of time after work, so that part of the time for the part time. not another job that will kill us in the process too.
me no time for anything because the only time left i sleep cos i work too long hours. or you can say, i rot in front of the computer as my leisure time.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Tuti and Pinkie. I appreciate your care and support. :)