Friday, February 12, 2010

Ideas for a better world

This evening, while I was commuting on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train, I came to my mind that it was time to start writing some of the ideas that I have had that may perhaps make the world a little better.

Some of these ideas may not seem feasible at this point in time. Some of them may even seem funny, absurd and crazy. Call them PY's ideas for a bettter world? Anyway, even if they may not seem at first relevant or feasible at this point in time, may they serve as springboards at the very least for more greater ideas to come.

There shall be no copyright in using these ideas. All that I ask is that if anyone has actually referred to or use any one of these ideas, please do give the necessary acknowledgements by citing this blog: or "PY's ideas for a better world"

Let's see what how these ideas may take off and contribute to a better world.

1 comment:

tuti said...

sounds good and constructive.
here's wishing that some of the ideas will take fruition.
and happy new year, py.
wish you prosperity and good health this tiger lunar year!