Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is a win-win solution possibly for Bukit Brown?

The magnificent tomb of Ong Sam Leong and his wife. This was uncovered in 2006.
Recently (on 12 Sep 2011), on The Straits Times, there was a report that a new dual four-lane road will be built from early 2013 to alleviate congestion along Lornie Road and Pan-Island Expressway during peak hours. This new road will cut through parts of Bukit Brown.

Many lovers of heritage as well as nature-lovers have expressed concerns regarding the building of the road that is proposed to cut through parts of Bukit Brown. There were also people who wonder if the new road may indeed be the long-term solution to the identified problem, i.e. traffic congestion.

Where on earth is Bukit Brown?
Who goes to Bukit Brown?
Is there more effective ways to resolve the traffic congestion other than building the dual four-lane road?
What makes Bukit Brown worthwhile to preserve?

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