Sunday, October 23, 2011

Disney The Lion King musical in Singapore

This afternoon, I have had the pleasure to watch the musical, The Lion King, thanks to the invitation of one of my friends, JY.

The costumes were very interesting and engaging. I learnt that natural materials were used to create the costumes. Masks and puppets were used to enhance the visual presentations of various characters on the stage. Lighting was sensitively used to create the appropriate ambience for each of the various scenes.

The music forms the backbone of the entire musical, stringing the entire story together. I was particularly attracted to the African-styled music that was played in the musical. The percussive music seemed to be full of energy that I was temporarily led into thinking I was in the African deserts.

Overall, this is a engaging theatrical performance that will appeal to the the masses, and is a good show for the family to be entertained. Watching this show helps put one's imaginations into nice work.

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