Friday, September 06, 2013

9 Jul 2013: The tour of the Schonbrunn Palace

After a guided tour of the Vienna city, our orchestra visited the Schonbrunn Palace on 9 Jul 2013. The Schonbrunn Palace is a former imperial summer residence in modern Vienna. The name "Schonbrunn" means "beautiful spring" and its origin can be traced to an artesian well from which water was consumed by the court.

When we entered the palace's grounds, I was asked to deposit my backpack at the bag-deposit area. Perhaps there is merits in travelling light? Whatever it is, nothing would stop me for being delighted by the splendour that greeted me when I stepped into the interiors of the palace. Many of the interiors of the palace were decorated with gold ornaments. These gold plated interior furnishings seemed to be made to last for eternity.

Aside from the gold plated interior furnishings, the interior of the palace was decorated with paintings, murals and exquisite furniture. As we strolled about the palace's rooms under the supervision of our tour guide, we learnt more about the Habsburg's monarchs, from Maria Theresa, to Joseph II, to Leopold II, to Francis II, to Ferdinand I to Franz Joseph I.

Photography was not permitted in the interiors of the palace. Please enjoy the photographs of the palace's façade.

Lunch was with wonderful company of friends in a cafe within the grounds of Schonbrunn palace. I ordered a slice of apple strudel served with Vanilla ice-cream and a plate of Viennese sausages. While the food was nice, I would have preferred mash potato and more. Then again, I was happy that I could announce to everyone that I have tasted Viennese sausages in Vienna.

Photo courtesy of Terence Low.

Photo courtesy of Terence Low.

Vienna has brought me beautiful memories. I hope to visit Vienna in the future.

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