Wednesday, November 20, 2013

8 Jul 2013: Exploring Vienna yet again

8 Jul 2013 (Mon):

After participating in one of the SCL Festival Workshops at the University of Music Vienna, there was some time for rest and recreation before our next event for the day, the performance at Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The members of the orchestra was led to the vicinities near the St Stephen Cathedral which was about 15 minutes stroll from the University of Music Vienna as best as I could recall.

St Stephen Cathedral, Vienna.

Nearby St Stephen Cathedral, there was a bookshop with one of its display windows clearly displaying a number of psychoanalysis books. I took notice of the books because one of my accompanying friends who was with the entourage was trained in psychology.

At a spot nearby the St Stephen Cathedral, the members of the orchestra synchronized our watches before each of us broke off into smaller groups to explore the city of Vienna during the allocated free-and-easy recreation time.

YH, KQ and myself made our way to check out one of the market places in Vienna. Along the way, we met a street busker who was presenting his skills in illusion. He was able to keep himself floating above the ground. Was it magic or simply illusion? I have yet to figure out what was the technique that he had used to make himself seem to float above the ground.

Buildings of Baroque architectural design seemed to be caught my sight when I was exploring the streets of Vienna.

When we eventually got to near the market place, I was feeling thankful that I came across a post-office where I could get some postage stamps.

After a short stop at the post-office, the market place was less than 5 minutes walk away. The summer sun was very bright, as best as I could remember. The bright sunshine can brought cheers. It helped that the climate in Vienna was relatively dry.

At the market place, I was most fascinated by the selection of cheese that was available. The cheese were fresh and were relatively cheaper than the cheese that were on sale in Singapore. In my mind, I was thinking how I could use the cheese to create a savoury and delicious pizza.

I like to the sights of fruits and vegetables too. They looked so colourful and inviting. Cherries were in general much cheaper than those in Singapore. I have to admit that while I was in Europe with the orchestra, I have eaten more cherries over the course of less than a fortnight than what I would have eaten in Singapore in a year.

During the adventure about Vienna, I took a ride on a train. It was an interesting experience even though I was merely taking a ride to the very next train station.

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