Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gourmet Pizza To Go

Recently, I came across a take-away pizza outlet, Gourmet Pizza To Go, when I was at Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Coming across this pizza outlet reignited my desire to find delicious pizza in Singapore.

I greatly appreciate that at Gourmet Pizza To Go, I can simply order one slice of pizza to satisfy my occasional craving for delicious pizza. During such occasions of craving, it did not seem economical or efficient to gather a group of friends spontaneously to visit a pizza restaurant and share a family-size pizza together. It is also often not cost-effective and time-effective for me to make a pizza from the scratch to satisfy a momentary craving for pizza.

I have tried several take-away pizza outlets in Singapore. The challenge for most of these take-away pizza outlets is in my opinion serving take-away pizzas that are fast to serve and to eat, while ensuring that the texture of the pizza crust is satisfaction.

At Gourmet Pizza To Go, the pizza crust is well-fired and has a chewy and crispy texture. Even though the outlet at Ang Mo Kio MRT station serves take-away pizzas, care is taken to use effective processes and innovatively designed ovens to rebake the pizzas upon order so that they are fast to serve and good to eat. It is easy to tell from the taste of the pizza crust that quality dough base has been used.

In addition, I appreciate that Gourmet Pizza To Go uses quality pizza sauces. I particularly like the pesto that is used as the pizza sauce for the Pesto Primavera pizza. It is considered quite a novelty to find pesto being used as pizza sauces for take-away pizzas in Singapore. The traditional tomato pizza sauce used by Gourmet Pizza To Go taste wholesome too. What kept me going back for more pizzas from Gourmet Pizza To Go is the fact that the toppings are generous. Furthermore more, quality ingredients are used for the toppings.

Please do not ask me which choice of flavour is the best. I am very biased in my choice of flavour. I will usually order from the Vege Special selections since I prefer not to take too much meat.

Currently, an Ala-carte Slice-to-go costs $6.50. I think this is a value-for-money price for a slice of delicious Italian-style pizza. In fact, I would prefer to enjoy a take-away pizza from Gourmet Pizza To Go than to go to one of the pizza restaurant chain to get a regular pan-pizza. For the price of $6.50, I get a more delicious and palate-satisfying pizza. I hope Gourmet Pizza To Go will continue to engage qualified team members to serve quality fresh bake Italian-style pizza.

Admittedly, at $6.50 per slice of pizza, I will not eat Gourmet Pizza To Go's pizza on a daily basis. Yet, it is a delicious treat on those occasions when I need a value-for-money solution to attend to my pizza cravings.

Maybe Gourmet Pizza To Go can consider a special monthly subscription card for their loyal customers so that for a fixed one-month subscription fee, the customer can get up a selected number of free Ala-carte Slice-to-go for a month and an attractive discount for all other purchases at Gourmet Pizza To Go?

9" pizza-to-go are also available from Gourmet Pizza To Go. This is a good size of pizza for a nuclear family to share.

Gourmet Pizza To Go also serves a special Al Taglio Pizza with up to five choices of flavours at $65 each. Each Al Taglio Pizza measures 40 cm by 60 cm. This will be a great option for parties.

Gourmet Pizza To Go
Delivery Hotline: 6-222-1666

- Ang Mo Kio MRT Station #01-02,
- UE Biz Hub, 6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, #01-23, Singapore 486018,
- Blk 537 Bedok North Street 3, #01-559, Singapore 460537
- Kallang Wave, #01-43
Operation hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily

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