Sunday, October 18, 2015

24 June 2015: Hatch Shell and the Charles River

Charles River and the Longfellow Bridge

After my visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 24 June 2015, I was mesmerized by the Charles River. I recalled that there is a famous concert venue called Hatch Shell which was situated along the Charles River. Since I was already along Charles River, it was justifiable to make a special visit to the Hatch Shell. I found my way back to the Kendall (MIT) station and then took a train to the subway station called Charles.

Charles River and a glimpse of MIT on the other side of the river.

Charles River is mesmerizing to walk along. Even though it was a day with a fairly scorching sun, I enjoyed the walk alone by myself along the Charles River from Charles subway station to the Hatch Shell. From a distance, I could catch a glimpse of the Green Building in Cambridge and MIT.

The Hatch Shell is known to be a venue for large outdoor performances and open-air events in Boston. During my visit, I saw that preparations were being made for Boston Pops' performance at the Hatch Shell on 4 July in celebration of Independence Day in Boston. I subsequently learnt that the  construction of the Hatch Shell took place 1941 with a trust of $300,000 donated by benefactor Maria Hatch to build a memorial for her late brother, Edward.

Hatch Shell

It was a very short visit to the Hatch Shell. I wondered if setting aside 3 days to sight-see in Boston was ever enough? I learnt that I enjoyed having space and the autonomy to explore on my end. Thankfully, Boston is generally a safe enough place to travel about on one's own especially in the day.

I was on my way to the next stop, the Aquarium subway station. I had wanted to catch a glimpse of Charlestown while taking one of the Duck Tours. With the help of a number of kind strangers, I found my way to Arlington subway station by foot, and then took the subway to the Aquarium station. I felt thankful for the help and directions of kind people while I was travelling.

Walking towards Hatch Shell from Charles subway station.

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